Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Bees Knees

I find myself being overly wordy. I will try to keep it shorter in these all new upcoming blogs.

I named this The Bees Knees for a reason. It sort of just came to me but here is why.
In the 20's people came up with sayings to coin things of excellence. In other words, things they felt were of that nature. The nature of this fresh new blog will be to my beliefs more excellent.

The bees knees is what is happening to me lately. I'm almost in shock of all the good things coming to me but this can only come from one. The man upstairs. Some say God, I just like to call him the man upstairs. I think it sounds cooler.

What a blessing to have such amazing people working for me, They have all taught me so much. My heart goes out to them all. What a blessing to be able to afford these amazing bills with three different law firms. Who would have thought this could all happen from the stroke of an idea and just never giving up. Thank you thank you.

The people that have come into my life recently seem so fitting, like they shape me and make me for the better. Ive been feeling like god is reaching out to me in so many ways, Ive no other belief then that.

Im far to excited for the future as I slowly eliminate fear out of my life. I want all that life has to offer and want to be me again. I used to think I would be stuck where I was, for so long. Now I just want less, simplicity, love, wisdom, and the ability to see what others see when the time calls.

I hope that my life has made a difference in others, and that the man upstairs keeps his cover over me as I keep moving forward. I know that what I think and what happens in life are so drastic and all it takes is a shift of the wind. You never know what is on its way. I month ago i was going to sell everything and Move to LA. So glad something in my life changed that thought as crazy as it may be. Im not going now.

May my life be an example for others, of no fear, stepping out and not giving up when times get hard, those times make you grow if you are willing to grow from them.

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. I want this in all areas of my life.